This is a copy of a page from a guy named "Nightshade", that disappeared from the web around 2005. I couldn't stand that, and brought it back alive.

You know you've been playing too much Secret of Mana when:

  1. You eat only candy and chocolate to restore your health.
  2. You use Salamando's Lava Wave to cook your dinner.
  3. You use Undine's Freeze instead of the freezer to freeze your food.
  4. You use Luna's Change From to change your brother/sister to another type of creature.
  5. You think that every earthquake is the next comming of Tropcallo.
  6. You try to use the moggle belt of your friends.
  7. You think that your friend is a spy for the Empire.
  8. You use resistance tunnels to move from one town to another.
  9. You stop off at information and ask where the nearest cannon travel center is.
  10. You stand at the bus stop wating for a white dragon to pick you up.
  11. You think that every dark cloud has a Mana Fortress.
  12. You name your dog Purim
  13. You buy your groceries from a giant cat thing
  14. "You'd rather have your gums scraped!"
  15. You only sleep at inns
  16. You start a "Save the Mana Beast" club
  17. You like to "wack" things
  18. For some reason, you can't move when you hold a balloon
  19. You use Lumina instead of lightbulbs
  20. You know what the heck a "Shadow Zero" is
  21. Whenever you see cow skulls in cartoons you cry and scream "They killed Watts!"
  22. Whenever you see a Jack-O-Lantern, you scream
  23. You take a dragon to school instead of the bus
  24. You think Tropicallo is a real person
  25. You refuse to eat mushrooms because you cry and say,"They're people too!"
  26. You take up Japanese so you can play Seiken Densetsu 3
  27. You spend your afternoons searching for sword orbs.
  28. You constantly have your computer hooked up to this site.
  29. You have a wardrobe full of barrels
  30. You eat peanutbutter& royal jam

  31. You've killed your evil twin
  32. You've memorized the Mana Fortress
  33. Truffles make you sick
  34. You've been rescued(or rescued someone)from being eaten by Goblins
  35. You fall in love with the sprite.
  36. Your whole community says ".......".
  37. You try to get Watts to forge your pen.
  38. You think your mom is a tree.
  39. You built a scale model of the water palace in your pool.
  40. You don't have a cat; you have a moogle.
  41. You think bee stings explode.
  42. Your truck is towing a sand ship.
  43. Your best friend and boyfriend disapear.
  44. You own a veedio cassette player.
  45. You have mushroomphobea.
  46. All you ever eat is choclate, candy, jam, and herbs.
  47. Tropicallo caused the Northridge quake.
  48. You still believe in Santa Clause and his Mana seed.
  49. Shade lives in your closet.
  50. You cut your food with an axe.
  51. You know people with naturally blue hair.
  52. You are good with the boomerang.
  53. You own a javelin.
  54. You find yourself singing the Dwarf Village song in public....
  55. ...and you don't care.
  56. Your cat has spikes.
  57. You think you are the legendary knight.
  58. You play the game so much, you can't remember what a real tree looks like.
  59. These are not funny to you.
  60. You plan to name your child Sylphid.
  61. You wear a tiger bikini around the house.
  62. When you die you turn clear.
  63. The wall in your room has a face on it.
  64. You see C3PO on Star Wars and think he's one of the Boys.
  65. You aspire to become a member of the Scorpion Army when you grow up.
  66. You want your allowance in GP.
  67. You try to get to Level 99 killing Rabites before the Mantis Ant.
  68. You actually succeed.
  69. You write a page called "You know you've been playing too much Secret of Mana if..."
  70. You keep watching the sky and swearing you see Mana Beasts.
  71. You keep watching big orbs expecting to see recordings from the past.
  72. You get in a fight and expect little numbers to appear.
  73. You stand under a waterfall and hope to get cured.
  74. You open every stove you see looking for Salamando.
  75. You have the Level 9 sword. And you didn't cheat.
  76. You found a good reason to use the "Evil Gate" spell.
  77. You whack every gray and pink flower you see.
  78. Your SoM cartridge has been used so long it's melting.
  79. You actually know what a Shadow Zero is.
  80. You go crossing a desert looking for the Sandship.
  81. After spending a night in a Holiday Inn, you ask to save your game.
  82. You try to trade with your cat.
  83. You REFUSE to trade with your cat because his prices are double normal prices.
  84. When on a boat, you ask why it's going over water.
  85. If you don't ask that, you ask if you're going to the Moon Palace.
  86. You play Secret of Mana more than eating, sleeping, and going outside, combined.
  87. You fear people will turn into Aegagropilons.
  88. You can PRONOUNCE Aegagropilon.
  89. You beat the Mana Beast. Without Mana Magic.
  90. You won't open a treasure chest because you think it's a trap.
  91. You won't open a treasure chest because you think it's a Mimic Box.
  92. You've discovered how Neko and Watts can teleport like they do.
  93. You expect to see a Robin Foot named Karon in a boat.
  94. You have seen every level 9 spell animation in the game.
  95. You go around asking people to give you a new name.
  96. You're late for work because you forgot your drum.
  97. You start your very own Mana tribe.
  98. You put 50 cents in a pop machine hoping a red haired sprite will come out when you push the "Sprite" button.
  99. You claim the traveling by cannon is safer than traveling by car.
  100. When you see lightning you wonder if someone is casting Sylphid's thunderbolt spell.
  101. You try to coax your Mom into buying only candy and chocolate for you lunch. You say it recovers your health.
  102. You whack your little brother over his head with your Dad's hammer to see if he'd become pygmized.
  103. You wonder if Square created an alternate "Mana" universe when they created the game.
  104. You claim the Boy, Girl, and Sprite are real people; they're just hiding.
  105. You feel sorry for the frog you're going to dissect in Biology so you give it a cup of wishes (actually a plain old cup with water in it) hoping to revive it.
  106. You search for the tropical paradise in the South Pole that Salamando is keeping warm.
  107. You wonder why the USA's currency isn't gold pieces.
  108. You swear the old man across the street is the elder from the wind palace. He calls you "Tyke"
  109. When you learn about Jaques Custo (spelling?) in school you quickly shout out in class that he is a bird man that lives on the Lofty Mountians.
  110. You cry every time you see the end of the game. (which was about 1000!! _)

  111. You wonder why the dining room chairs in your house don't hop around like Elieen's. They look EXACTLY alike!
  112. You try to cast Analyzer on the Test Key at school to find out all the answers.
  113. You cast Speed Up on yourself hoping you can run The Mile, in gym class, in 2 min flat!
  114. You only carry 4 of any item at a time.
  115. When you want to use an item you arrange your belongings in a circle around you.
  116. You go to a toy store and by a drum and play it and hope you will see flammie!!!!
  117. You start beating your dog, saying that it's a Heck Hound.
  118. You glue feathers to your dog and train it to come to you when you bang a drum.
  119. You refuse to drink anything but Sprite.
  120. You carry the Secret of Mana instruction manual with you everywhere because it says inside, "You must take this book with you as you travel".
  121. When you go into a shop and talk to the person behind the counter, you expect a ring of items to appear above your head.
  122. When you have no money, you go out and find something to kill.
  123. You believe that eating walnuts gives you magic powers.
  124. You believe that you can bring a dead person back to life by taking them to an inn.
  125. You insist on calling it "Seiken Densetsu" rather than "Secret of Mana", even though you can't pronounce it.
  126. You never go out unless you're armed to the teeth with ancient weaponry.
  127. You never go out, period.
  128. All your friends ask why there's a sword sheath hanging off the end of your bed.
  129. You go into a clothes store and ask for a Midge Robe.
  130. You always carry a rope so that if you get lost, you can teleport back home.
  131. You buy a pet salamander and try to teach it to spit fire.
  132. You walk into houses without knocking and start talking to people.
  133. When you're caught attacking small, fluffy, long-eared creatures in the woods, you say, "But someone said they were Rabites!"
  134. You jump on yellow spacehoppers, expecting to be catapulted into the air.
  135. You understand Moogle language.
  136. You meet two children pretending to be married, and you think they mean it.
  137. You claim to know someone who is 200 years old.
  138. You insist there is no such thing as "playing too much Secret of Mana".
  139. You're already getting Secret of Mana withdrawal symptoms because you're reading this and not playing it.
  140. Your name is the same as one of the mana heros.
  141. You think you are one of the mana heros.
  142. You feel sorry to any guy named Randi because he can't use magic.
  143. You find a rusty sword and think, "I am a mana hero" or "Oh great im goin ta get kicked out of my home".
  144. You refuse to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  145. Your controller has the "A" worren out, and it's not the first time or the third.
  146. When you realize that 'when you know what a Shadow Zero is' is on here twice!
  147. You start working your allies voices.
  148. You play everyday till you beat it
  149. You use sprite's magic to kill an enemy, and all u say die until it dies.
  150. The game works a character and that character gets stuck and can't move, and you yell at it.
  151. You yell out, "Where do I go?".......expecting to get an answer.
  152. One of your characters gets hurt, and you yell ouch! or ow!
  153. You use earthslide, and yell kaboom! when it hits the enemy.
  154. You go to a SoM website and print everything out.
  155. You know all of the enemies names.
  156. You know which enemy hurts you the most.
  157. You take the time to write more You've had too much Secret of Mana when.
  158. (continued fron 33) You think.......who eats Truffles anyway?
  159. A character speaks, you read what they say out loud and you change voices for every character.
  160. You yell at the enemies.
  161. You ask where you are supposed to go out loud.........
  162. ......and you actully get an answer.
  163. One of your allies dies, and you think it's funny.
  164. You're scared that books are going to come flying at you and attack you.
  165. You call people pigs and chickens instead or cows cause you don't want to offend Watts.
  166. You call the Lucent Beam Lucy Beam cause you think it sounds better.
  167. You've read this list more than once
  168. You email Nightshade telling her more "Too much mana" ideas
  169. You know every bosses weakness without using Analyzer
  170. All 3 people in your party have every weapon at level 8
  171. Your TV is never off 'cuz you're playing SoM so much...
  172. ...and your PC is never off either because you are constantly linked to at least on SoM site
  173. You memorize every stat in the game for every boss and enemy, AND how many exp. you need to go to each level
  174. When you start thinking that a new ring will boost your defense
  175. You start a petition to Save the White Dragons.
  176. You begin to wonder if the largest tree in your neighbourhood is the Mana Tree.
  177. You go looking in little rivers and creeks looking for a rusty sword in a stone.
  178. At the scene of an accident, you try to use a cup to revive people back to health.
  179. You start wondering if the people in the government are in league with the Underworld.
  180. During a fight, you try to cast Lucid Barrier to ward off attacks.
  181. You wonder why the power of Mana isn't taught in schools.
  182. You try to figure out where the Upperland is so that you can visit the Sprite and Moogle villages.
  183. You hope your parents don't find the rusty sword that's hidden in your room.
  184. You welcome everyone by saying "Matango".
  185. You keep bugging your parents to buy you a pet Rabite.
  186. When people say Man on the Moon you correct them by saying, "No, that's Luna!"
  187. You try to shoot yourself out of a cannon...
  188. ...and it works!
  189. You dye your cat's hair purple.
  190. You think on Halloween everyone wearing a skull mask is Thanatos.
  191. You can give help to others after not playing the game for months.
  192. You know the script by heart.
  193. You've fallen in love with a game character. Any game character. -

  194. You think up a way to make Lumina create gold for you.
  195. You can come up with items for this list!
  196. Every plane you see you first mistake as the Mana Fortress.
  197. You think that your local park is the Pureland.
  198. You try to climb to the top of Mount Everest to visit Sage Joch.
  199. You dye your hair to match your favourite character's hair.
  200. You make your very own Secret of Mana website.
  201. You do any kind of fan art or fanfiction about the game.
  202. You think that an old worn out blanket is a faerie cloak.
  203. The only thing you can live for is for the Seiken Densetsu series to be rereleased since your own games have broken from overuse.
  204. 1 to 10 are by Adrian Lane
  205. 11 is by Josh Painter
  206. 12 to 34 are by Jabberwocky
  207. 35 to 63 are by Mad Hatter
  208. 64 to 93 are by Jay
  209. 94 is by AK64
  210. 95 is by Liana
  211. 96 is by LinkXBond
  212. 97 to 113 are by Nichole
  213. 114 and 115 are by

  214. 116 is by insanebox_99
  215. 117 is by Spring Beak
  216. 118 to 139 are by Riesz Fenrir
  217. 140 to 145 are by Duran of Forcena
  218. 146 is by Emerald Dragon #7
  219. 147 to 166 are by SoMgurl002014 and Blinkgirl928

  220. 167 to 173 are by Matt28282828
  221. 174 is by Stephen
  222. The rest are by Nightshade.

If there's any copyrighted material on this web page, just send me an email and I'll remove it right away.

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